Lock & Talk LogoIt’s easy to believe that no one in your life would ever try to use a form of lethal means to kill themselves, but do you really want to wait until it’s too late to find out?

Every day across the nation youth are seriously injured or killed after finding an improperly stored gun in their home.

Imagine all of the pain that could be avoided by simply making sure that all forms of lethal means are secured at all times.

If you hlock boxave firearms or medications in your home, they need to be secured.

If you haven’t secured them because you couldn’t afford to or you weren’t sure how to do so, Lock and Talk Virginia is here to help.

Health Planning Region 1, Member Community Service Boards (CSB) are currently able to offer Locking medication boxes and trigger locks that fit a wide variety of firearms for FREE.


If you aren’t sure which CSB is closest to you, find your CSB here.

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